_Skandalon Scholars_ An AMES Project

AMES (the Affiliation of Mimetic theory for Emerging Scholars) is a network of early career academics who work with the mimetic theory of Rene Girard, within COV&R (the Colloquium On Violence & Religion), the official association dedicated to Girardian scholarship.

AMES began as the project of a small group of young scholars who met at the Imitatio Summer School in Mimetic Theory 2012. Having been inspired by our collaborative learning and sharing, we decided to embark on a new project to continue exchanging ideas internationally.

We call this blog ‘Skandalon Scholars’ after Girard’s use of the word ‘skandalon’– a scandal, a stumbling-block. We hope to advance the scholarship of Girardian theory, opening new possiblities for the application of mimetic theory, and to be unafraid to be provocative and scandalous in our attempts. As Girard has taught us, only by exploring scandals can we demystify them and discover the truth behind the scandal.

This blog is a forum for work in progress, where we can try out ideas and get peer feedback. Please join the discussion by registering to participate, and posting your work. See the ‘Participate‘ page for more details.


The AMES committee is made up of early career scholars from around the world:

Carly Osborn (President) – PhD Candidate in English, University of Adelaide, Australia
Daniel London – Graduate Theological Union, Christian Spirituality, Berkeley, California
Jacob Oeverbeek – Masters Student in Humanistic Studies, University of Humanistic Studies, The Netherlands
Karen Feiner – PhD Student in English: Theory and Cultural Studies, Purdue University, USA
Thomas Sojer – Masters Student in Catholic Theology, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Leon Marincowitz – Lecturer in Philosophy, Monash University, South Africa
Samuel Buchoul – Masters Student in Philosophy, Manipal University, India
Tina Hellensteiner – Diploma Student in History and Catholic Religion, University of Innsbruck, Austria

To keep in touch with our activities, like the COV&R Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/COVandR

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